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Our Duluth, GA Trip

We just got back from our trip to Duluth, GA. As always, we had lots of fun! It was to celebrate Sunita's birthday at Neeraj & Arti's home and bid them farewell to wherever thier future ventures take them. We spent some real good time there, went out for birthday dinner at TGIF to surprise Sunita. We also visted the shiva/Vishnu/Krishna temple (picture above). Joshua fell in love with his Arti Aunty and couldn't stop repeating ARTI. Joshua slept the entire way home both ways in the car since we drove during the night (12 Hours by car). Still, it was another great family adventure.

Be sure to visit our Photos page for more vacation photos.

Our Fall Festival Adventure

The Annual Fairfax City Fall Festival was held at the City Hall last week. Joshua spent the day enjoying a pony ride and playing in the city hall playarea. There was a musical event in which Joshua attended. He danced to the karoake "The wheels on the bus...". The volunteer fire fighters association had someone dressed like a giant dog and Josh couldn't stop looking at it (Picture above). It was a great day out, checkout the whole album in the family photos section or click the picture above. (Requires Validation)

Meet Max

Family events would be incomplete without Max in them. We adopted Max when he was just 8 weeks old and has grown up with us around him. Joshua and Max got along great from the start. He is full of energy and always seems to be wagging his tail. Max is always ready to play! We are sure you will find him just as lovable as we do!


Summers are great fun for all of us. We always take a trip to Ocean City, MD and stay at the same place on the bay. There is one beach where we can take max with us and spend time having fun together (Picture above). This year we had our parents with us too so had double fun.

Making Memories

Probably pictures are so tiny you can't make any sense but for us each picture is a reminder of the great times we have had. 

We would ask the family to visit the "Family Photos" and look at the albums of our memorable adventures, trips and the fun time we have had together. Of course the albums are passowrd protected and intended just for limited folks. So login with the ID you have been provided to view them. (You would need to enable cookies in your browser to be able to login).

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